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E32 - How and Why Brian Burke Transitioned Out of Single Family and Into Multi-Family Syndications - Asym Capital

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E32 – How and Why Brian Burke Transitioned Out of Single Family and Into Multi-Family Syndications

Today, we are joined by Brian Burke of Praxis Capital to discuss how he pivoted his business out of the single-family sector into $10mm+ commercial real estate investments in multi-family. Since he started in 1989, Brian has managed over 700 properties, including over 1,500 multi-family units. He has overseen more than $300mm in debt and equity for Praxis acquisitions and their current portfolio exceeds $150mm of real estate under management.


In this episode, we are going to discuss …

– How the scalability of SFR can be a significantly limiting factor, especially if you are trying to build a career in real estate

– This is something that comes up a lot in investor circles. Even if you are the best SRF operator in the world, it is naturally quite challenging to own more than 10 homes.

– How our guest was able to re-position his strategy in order to take advantage of the opportunity in CRE all over the US

– Due diligence items our guest uses when analyzing out of state properties

– We also discuss an absolutely screaming deal in a highly competitive market, as well as some of the details of that transaction


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Also, if you have been patiently waiting for the CRE due diligence ebook – it is now READY for your reading pleasure.

In this eBook we cover…

– What are the most important first steps of CRE due diligence?

– How to estimate how aggressive your sponsors are being in their assumptions?

– How can you ask sophisticated questions so that sponsors know you are taking your investment seriously?

– We also go through several key asset-class-specific due diligence takeaways for mobile home parks, multi-family apartments, retail shopping centers, and self-storage.


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