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E322 - Is 7% Inflation Transitory, or Here to Stay? - Asym Capital

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E322 – Is 7% Inflation Transitory, or Here to Stay?

There has been a ton of chatter lately about the recent upswing in inflation, but many economics and central bankers are claiming this might be a short-term bout.

But…what if they are wrong? Is your portfolio prepared if they are?

Today, we are joined by Gene Epstein who is an economist, former editor of Barron’s, the Director of the Soho forum, and an associated scholar of the Mises Institute.

In this episode, we are going to discuss…

  • What the current inflation data tells us about the state of the post-Covid-19 economy
  • If you should be investing in Bitcoin, Gold, or debt?
  • Why the US economy will NOT be able to purchase its own debt forever, and what will happen once it’s too late

If you have been scratching your head, trying to figure out what dominos need to fall in order for the US economy to face significant headwinds caused by money-printing, this episode will give you a ton of useful insights from a trained Austrian economist.

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