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E33 - How Michael Blank Writes Offers, Communicates With Investors, and Raises Millions - Asym Capital

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E33 – How Michael Blank Writes Offers, Communicates With Investors, and Raises Millions

One of the major mistakes new investors make when starting in the CRE space is spending too much time underwriting each potential deal, before verifying that the seller is actually motivated and could be convinced to get close to their goal purchase price. Our discussion today is going to help investors avoid this potential issue by implementing the 10-minute offer strategy. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door, without taking too much of your time early in the process.


Today, we are joined by Michael Blank, Founder of Nighthawk Equity, which controls $65mm of performing multi-family assets all over the US. Michael also coaches real estate entrepreneurs and his students have purchased more than 750 units and are on track to purchase an additional 1,000 in the next 12 months.


– How to create, underwrite, and submit a “Ten-Minute Offer”

– How to communicate effectively with potential investors

– What Michael Blank does to stay motivated while investing, creating content, and building new relationships


We cover quite a lot of ground in the conversation, so I am sure you will enjoy the discussion. Don’t forget to create an account with CFC. Prices in virtually all of the traditional real estate asset have become pretty unjustifiable, but there is still a significant amount of opportunity in the mobile home park, and self-storage sector. Our focus on these two asset classes is truly paying off given the state of the overall market, not to mention stocks reaching all-time highs.


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