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E332 - If the COVID Regime Wins, Our Investment Strategies Are Meaningless - Asym Capital

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E332 – If the COVID Regime Wins, Our Investment Strategies Are Meaningless

Believe me…

I really didn’t want to interview George Gammon on this topic.

Afterall George, who has 325,000 YouTube subscribers, is one of the best at breaking down economic concepts and communicating them effectively. In fact, he’s one of my favorite self-taught economists on earth.

I would much rather talk to him about inflation, deflation, and the arguments for investing in precious metals vs bitcoin.

But the reality is…

Financial wealth is completely meaningless if we don’t have the ability to express ourselves freely.

Unfortunately, we could be right on the brink of ushering in a new era of government tyranny and top-down mandates, the scale of which history has never seen before. Despite the horrific track record of governments and their various “trusted” agencies, the justification for these examples of overreach is always for the benefit of our own safety.

But after what we have already seen, just in the last few years, is this claim even remotely believable?

In this episode, we discuss…

  • The Stanley Milgram experiment and why its lessons are relevant to what’s happening today
  • How we as human beings tend to think we might have navigated critical moments in history, vs. how we behave when the moments are actually upon us
  • How to tell if you’re on the wrong side of history with one simple question

Like I mentioned during the interview, I think George did an excellent job explaining why it’s critical to discuss these matters right now, even though it is uncomfortable, and may even cost us in the short term.

After all, the reason most of us get into the world of investment real estate is its ability to provide personal freedom.

Without that, what is it all for?

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