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E336 - Going Deep On Multifamily Underwriting & Due Diligence - Asym Capital

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E336 – Going Deep On Multifamily Underwriting & Due Diligence

It’s been a while since we have done a deep dive into the world of underwriting and due diligence, and I’m hoping the wait will be well worth it.

Our guest for today is Sandyha Seshadri, who is a principal at Multifamily4You, where she has purchased more than $80MM of commercial real estate. She is also a member of RaiseMasters, our mastermind for elite capital raisers.

We’re going to give away a TON of secrets that Sandyha used to go from quietly sitting on the sidelines to purchasing several 100+ unit assets.

In this episode, we are going to discuss…

  • What due diligence questions Sandyha asks owners of competitive assets in her market to get as much information as possible prior to closing
  • How to underwrite multifamily acquisitions so that you can put yourself in a position to deliver for your investors
  • Why debt funds and bridge loans have recently surpassed agency debt when it comes to the multifamily lending space
  • Why Sandyha joined RaiseMasters and how her experience has been since!

This episode will be excellent for passive investors who want to see behind the curtains, as well as active owners who are interested in leveling up their underwriting strategies.

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