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E338 - How He Made $4MM In Just Two Years! - Asym Capital

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E338 – How He Made $4MM In Just Two Years!

Several months ago, I saw an Instagram post that really got my attention…

Bridger Pennington, our guest for today, had posted a photo with a caption that really resonated with me.

In the caption, he outlined how he launched and scaled his business basically through to a few months are hard work and obsession.

This is a reoccurring theme I have found when talking to a lot of successful people…

If you are dedicated, committed, obsessed, and willing to go out of balance for a few months, incredible things will likely come your way in short order.

However, on the other side of that coin…

The idea that you can remain in a constant state of work/life balance and also accomplish incredible things is a myth.

However, if you are willing to go out of balance for a short interval, you could create something that will put you in an incredible position later down the road, where you can both enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Now, don’t misunderstand my point…

I’m not saying work/life balance is a myth….

I’m saying being perpetually perfectly balanced is impossible, especially if you have some audacious goals.

I asked Bridger to come on the show and talk about his story, and he ended up revealing a few things he has never talked about before.

In today’s episode we will discuss…

  • How he got the idea for his company and the moment he realized he might be tapping into a piping hot market
  • How he experiences burnout and what he does to overcome it
  • The most lucrative vehicles, businesses, and skills in the world and how you can capitalize on all of them

If you’ve seen Bridger on Instagram you know he is both educational and entertaining, and this interview is no different!

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