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E344 - Will There Be a Real Estate Crash In 2026? - Asym Capital

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E344 – Will There Be a Real Estate Crash In 2026?

When economists refer to the “market cycle,” they are usually discussing the typical 5-8-year periods in between recessions.

The confusing thing about this typical language is that real estate prices don’t decrease during most economic downturns.

As such, indicators surrounding “when the next recession might be,” are fairly useless when trying to determine if you should actually buy, hold, or sell real estate.

But, our guest for today isn’t like most economists… 

In fact, in this episode, we’re going to discuss an entirely different perspective on market cycles…

Specifically, we’re diving into the potential existence of an 18-year super-cycle which might more accurately predict the next real estate crash – something every real estate entrepreneur would love to be able to do.

Our guest for today is Akhil Patel, who conducts economic research for Property Share Economics, a firm that provides economic research for its audience of investors.

In this episode, we are going to discuss…

  • The 18.6-year cycle and how close we are towards the next downturn in real estate
  • Why every business is a real estate business, and what that means late in the super-cycle
  • Why unemployment, debt, and even interest rates are not the most important leading indicators of the next downturn

This episode is ESPECIALLY important if you’re thinking about selling everything right now “because things are looking frothy.”

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