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E346 - Yes, You SHOULD Skip The Flip! - Asym Capital

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E346 – Yes, You SHOULD Skip The Flip!

Almost EVERYONE starts in real estate by investing in, wholesaling, or flipping single-family houses.

And it makes total sense…

  1. The barriers to entry are lower. 
  2. The investment amounts are smaller. 
  3. People are familiar with living in them. 

However, despite all of those reasons, when you really dive into the world of single-family investments, you can hit the ceiling pretty quickly. 


In short…the lack of scalability. 

Today, we are joined by Hayden Crabtree, the author of Skip the Flip, as well as a proficient self-storage sponsor where he owns more than $40MM of assets. 

Hayden was able to effectively “skip the flip” through the guidance of his mentors, and he wants to help you do the same. 

In this episode, we are going to discuss…

  1. The limitations of single-family houses, and why so many real estate entrepreneurs make the move from single-family homes to commercial real estate.  
  2. Why Hayden is such a big proponent of the self-storage sector, despite the fact that it’s become much more competitive than when he started. 
  3. How Haden’s book has impacted his life, and how it can impact yours as well. 

If you have been listening to this show and are on the fence about whether you should go “all-in” on the world of syndications, this is an excellent episode for you. 

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