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E35 - Is Multi-Family Going Crazy Again? - Asym Capital

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E35 – Is Multi-Family Going Crazy Again?

Today, we are going to hear a cautionary perspective on the current state of commercial real estate, particularly in the multi-family sector. Our guest is Jack Ehrman, who is the co-founder of Post Investment Group. Jack is wicked smart, knowledgeable, and extremely cautious about buying in today’s market. In fact, he says that his real estate firm basically isn’t buying real estate at this point.


Here are some of the topics we discuss…

– What is the current state of the lending market and why is debt so important at this stage of the cycle?

– How DSCRs, LTVs, and Interest-Only should be manipulated in order to achieve the optimal capital stack for a CRE deal given the current market conditions.

– When you are underwriting deals, should you be more focused on the downside protection, rather than the downside protection? I guarantee you will hear a perspective that isn’t frequently discussed in the real estate podcast sector, but it is important to be cautious right now for a variety of reasons.


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