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E355 - We Hit 1,000,000 Downloads! Here’s What I Learned - Asym Capital

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E355 – We Hit 1,000,000 Downloads! Here’s What I Learned

Yes, its’ true…

The Cash Flow Connections Real Estate Podcast hit 1,000,000 downloads!

Thank you to all the listeners who supported us on this mission.

In this Monday Minutes, I discuss the 5 lessons learned as we went through this process, as well as a brief mention of some of my favorite guests on the show.

Don’t forget to leave a review so I can ensure the show continues to grow.

Thank you again!

Resources mentioned in this podcast:

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1. E25 – Doug Casey: International Investing Strategies Of The Most Interesting Man In The World

2. E227 – Crisis & Lockdown Investing with Doug Casey

3. Previous episode with Steven Patterson – E199 – What Do We REALLY Know? – Objective Truth, Mathematics, and Science

Previous episodes with Richard Duncan:

4. E69 – Macroeconomic Outlook From A Former IMF Consultant

5. E121 – The End of Quantitative Tightening and the Future of Monetary Policy

6. E191 – Did the Fed Just Save Us From A Depression?

7. E290 – [Richard Duncan is Back!] What Will the Tsunami of Liquidity Mean for Investors and the Economy?

Previous episode with Grant Cardone:

8. E50 – How Grant Cardone Plays Real-Life Monopoly, Controls Time, and Dominates the Competition

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