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E358 - Unleashed: How Crowdfunding Changed CRE Forever - Asym Capital

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E358 – Unleashed: How Crowdfunding Changed CRE Forever

As surprising as it might seem…

The world of real estate crowdfunding wasn’t truly invented until 2012/2013.


“Pooled investments” (syndications) have been around in the US for quite some time, but the ability to combine the online space with the ability to raise capital wasn’t fully “unleashed” until the JOBS Act was ratified.

This Act certainly had a significant impact on the world of commercial real estate, but what are the implications of these changes, and how can we benefit from them?

What does this impact look like as this sector matures, and more and more people start participating in this incredible investment vehicle?

Will the recent popularization of 506(c), Reg A+ and Reg CF create a new stage in the story of crowdfunding real estate?

Today, we are joined by Adam Gower who is the author of Real Estate Crowdfunding: Unleashed. After conducting an incredible amount of research on the matter, Adam is here to provide some important updates that I am sure many listeners will be eager to lean, and incorporate into their thinking.

In this episode, we are going to discuss…

  • How are institutions reacting to the influx of accredited investors, and how is this reality shifting the investment space as a whole?
  • In which geographic locations are accredited investors most eager to invest, and does the data suggest that they should be investing there?
  • Are investors getting more accustomed to 506(c) offerings, or will 506(b)s continue to dominate the market?

From my perspective, those who are well-positioned in this space stand to create massive profits over the next few years, as the sector explodes with interest.

I intend on being one of those benefactors.

Do you?

If so, tune in to hear what the data suggests about the future of crowdfunding.

Resources mentioned in this podcast:

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