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E37 - Investing In Land For Pennies On The Dollar With Mark Podolsky - Asym Capital

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E37 – Investing In Land For Pennies On The Dollar With Mark Podolsky

Despite the recent run-up in prices across virtually real estate asset class type, Mark Podolsky, our guest today, has been able to identify, source, and close hundreds of purchases which are less than 65% below market value. How? By investing in one of the most fragmented asset types in real estate: raw land. You will be surprised at how simple yet lucrative Mark’s business has been over the last 18 years.


In this episode, we are going to discuss…

– Establishing a market value, given that there isn’t a well-known database for land purchases

– How to conduct due diligence in raw land without setting foot on the plot yourself

– How our guest structures deals so that he can get cashed out in less than 12 months and still have passive cash flow

– What happens to raw land when recessions take place, given that the majority of these purchases seem to be for recreational “use” rather than development?


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