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E377 - TT - What it Takes to Raise Capital in 2022 - Asym Capital

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E377 – TT – What it Takes to Raise Capital in 2022

Raising capital is the single most important determiner of whether or not a real estate firm can scale.

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about the world of raising money that lead real estate entrepreneurs down paths that can drastically slow down their growth.

Today, I’m in the hot seat as a guest.

As many of you likely know…

I’ve raised over $50,000,000 from hundreds of investors. I accomplished this without becoming a pushy salesperson, or scrambling for capital right before deals were about to close.

How did I accomplish this?

By creating a robust online presence that attracts my dream customers to me, educates them through online resources, and then prompts them to move forward when an opportunity is available.

In today’s episode, we are going to discuss…

  • How should capital raisers focus their time when getting started?
  • How we identified our dream clients, and built a business which caters specifically to them
  • How we are able to raise capital for multiple asset classes, without becoming a “jack of all trades”

Whether you are a capital raiser who wants to learn my secrets, or a passive investor who wants to know what goes on behind the scenes at Asym Capital, this is an excellent look into our entire capital raising machine.

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

1. Hunter’s appearance on Josh Cantwell’s Accelerated Real Estate Investor Podcast

2. Previous episode with Josh Cantwell – “How He Went From An 8% Survival Rate to 3,200 Units”

3. Hunter’s book “Raising Capital For Real Estate”

4. Josh Cantwell Coaching

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