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E38 - Will We Set The Record For Longest Economic Recovery Ever? - Asym Capital

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E38 – Will We Set The Record For Longest Economic Recovery Ever?

Our guest today Ali Wolf who is the Director of Economic Research for Meyers Research. Most of her work focuses on recessions, their leading indicators, and their implications. Ali conducts this research in order to advise real estate investors, builders, and real estate-focused hedge funds. We don’t waste any time jumping into some of the details in terms of what she is seeing from the recent data. We cover a significant amount of ground in the conversation and discuss virtually every major driving factor of the economy in less than an hour.

– Why the length of expansion is an important metric but doesn’t paint the whole picture

– What the quit ratio tells us about where we are in the cycle

– Why the spread between the 10-year and the 3-month bond yields are a major leading indicatory for predicting recessions and what this metric suggests about where we are in the cycle currently

– We also have a discussion about the purchasing habits of millennials which will play a key role in the state of the housing market over the next few decades


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