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E380 - TT - Real Estate Tax Considerations for the New Year - Asym Capital

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E380 – TT – Real Estate Tax Considerations for the New Year

There are many legislative trends on the horizon that could impact the real estate industry in 2022. Our guest for today’s show thinks it would be wise for real estate investors to take note and pay attention to these trends.

As you might expect, these trends generally are not anticipated to be favorable to real estate sponsors or passive investors. But, as always, there are strategies and techniques that can be used to manage your tax liabilities.

I’m excited that we were joined by James Bohan for today’s episode. James is an experienced CPA and multi-faceted real estate professional, who has experience as an institutional real estate investment management CFO, as well as experience in the private equity real estate division of KPMG. Currently, James is focused on helping syndicators, funds and small businesses through providing strategic tax and accounting solutions.

Follow along and listen to learn about…

  • How Peter Thiel’s massive retirement account may impact how you can invest in real estate
  • Creative entity structuring to reduce your tax liabilities
  • The real estate professional designation and how you might be able to use it to massively reduce your tax burden

Regardless of where you may be in your career as an investor, we can all benefit from proactively taking steps to reduce how much of our hard-earned capital goes to the government in the form of taxes. Make sure to give this one a listen if this topic interests you!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

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