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E381 - Identifying Massive Opportunities In Tertiary Markets - Asym Capital

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E381 – Identifying Massive Opportunities In Tertiary Markets

As multifamily real estate prices increase, great deals have been increasingly hard to find. This has motivated more and more operators to look into tertiary markets to find consistent deal flow.

Have you dismissed the Tertiary Markets play, or are you contemplating similar moves?

Today, we are joined by Kathy Fettke, who is the Co-CEO of RealWealth and the #1 best-selling author of Retire Rich with Rentals. She is the host of two podcasts, The Real Wealth Show and Real Estate News for Investors, both of which are ranked in the Top 10 on iTunes with listeners in over 133 countries.

In this episode today, we are going to discuss…

  • What metrics Kathy focuses on in her underwriting and how passive investors should underwrite deals during inflationary periods.
  • Why Kathy believes Gen Z and Millennial migration trends will be a critical determinant of success in the future of multifamily investing.
  • The psychological phenomenon you must consider to avoid risky investment behavior in an inflationary environment.
    A Horror Story of when an operator misused funds and how Kathy saved the day!
  • Where Kathy has been able to continue to find great deals in the current low cap rate environment and why she prefers to invest in off-the-radar markets that are often over-looked by institutional investors.

If you are a passive investor who wants to learn how to mitigate risk more effectively, or if you are trying to determine where and what real estate you should be investing in, Kathy’s insightful perspectives will be extremely valuable to you.

Take Control,
Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

1. Her podcast “Real Wealth Show: Real Estate Investing Podcast”

2. Her previous episode on demographics

3. Her podcast “Real Estate News: Real Estate Investing Podcast”

4. Her business Real Wealth

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