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E388 - TT - Investing With Your Tribe - Asym Capital

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E388 – TT – Investing With Your Tribe

Most real estate investors start out investing in real estate as a “single player” and as they evolve, learn that it can be much more advantageous to approach it as a “multiple player” activity.

Real estate investing as a team sport is something that we’ve talked about before on the show, primarily through the lens of investing in real estate private placements. I’m a huge believer of the potential for solid risk-adjusted returns, investing in private placements with strong deal sponsors who have a demonstrated track record.

I believe in this so much that I’ve personally invested in many of these types of opportunities over the years.

Today’s guest brings a new spin to investing as a multiple player activity, by investing with your tribe.

Travis Smith happened upon investing with his tribe by accident many years ago and soon thereafter, started Tribevest to make it easier for investors to invest with their tribes. Tribevest is a platform that makes it easy to invest as a group and do deals together. Travis started his career with Morgan Stanley but realized the most direct path to wealth and financial freedom wasn’t through the public stock markets but by taking ownership in real assets.

Follow along and listen to learn about…

  • Establishing a tribe that is ready to invest in real estate in as little as 48 hours
  • Leveraging the power of tribes to unlock passive investment opportunities
  • How he and his brothers leveraged their tribe to invest in a racehorse, that eventually went on to win numerous awards

Investing using a tribe can be a great way to diversify risk, and to unlock opportunities for passive investments, including potential enhanced economics, that might not otherwise be available to you. Make sure to this to this fascinating episode to learn more!

To Your Freedom,

Tyler Lyons

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

1. Tribevest website

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