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E389 - What Does It Take To Survive A Real Estate Recession - Asym Capital

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E389 – What Does It Take To Survive A Real Estate Recession

If you’ve recently heard stories of real estate operators selling properties for twice what they paid for them just a few short years earlier, you’re probably asking the same questions MANY real estate entrepreneurs are asking…

How long can this last?

Will the Fed inadvertently cause a recession?

Where will my money be safe?

However, what if there was a way for you to be the master of your own fate and ensure that you achieve asymmetric returns regardless of where we are in the market cycle?

Today, we are joined by Mark Shuler, President of Shuler Group Real Estate Investments, and Josh Welsh, Founder of Three Pillars Capital Group. Mark and Josh have amassed over $300M in assets under management after only seven years in the business.

In this episode, we discuss…

  • Why Josh and Mark originally focused 100% of their efforts on Houston, and why they are contemplating venturing outside of that market
  • The key success factors that differentiate the operators who will survive in any market from the speculators who won’t last the rest of the decade
  • What trends are essential to look at when searching for opportunities in tertiary markets
  • A ludicrous offer in Houston that Mark and Josh were outbid by

If you are a passive investor who wants to find operators that can weather any financial storms or an active investor who wants to have a long and successful career, you do not want to miss this value-packed episode.

Take Control,
Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

1. Josh Welch’s website – Three Pillars Capital Group

2. Mark Shuler’s email

3. His website – SGRE Investments

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