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E392 - TT - Planning For The Unknown - The Future Of Interest Rates And Multifamily - Asym Capital

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E392 – TT – Planning For The Unknown – The Future Of Interest Rates And Multifamily

It’s no secret that we are entering a period in which interest rates are rising. On the other hand, multifamily valuations have seen amazing growth and cap rates have continued to tick downwards.

So…what does this all mean for multifamily investments going forward?

To help investors to demystify interest rates and how to think about the market right now, Robert Ritzenthaler, CEO of REM Capital was today’s guest and he shed some light on this topic.

As a multifamily investor who invested through the global financial crisis, and as someone who’s been a long-time student of the interest rate environment, it’s clear that Robert has perspectives that are worth considering.

Follow along and listen to learn about…

  • What to expect for interest rates in the near term (12-24 months) and what data to track
  • What would need to happen with interest rates for multifamily investors and operators to get into trouble, and what mitigating factors are in place
  • How to think about fixed agency financing vs. floating rate debt fund financing
  • Why increasing interest rates may not necessarily be a bad thing for real estate investors

Given where we’re at in the cycle and what markets are currently experiencing from an interest rate standpoint, this conversation is timely and includes important information for you to consider before making your next multifamily investment.

To Your Freedom,

Tyler Lyons

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

1. REM Capital

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