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E40 - Real Estate Negotiation Strategies From A Former FBI Hostage Negotiator - Asym Capital

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E40 – Real Estate Negotiation Strategies From A Former FBI Hostage Negotiator

When talking about real estate, negotiation is an immense factor that is often overlooked by investors. The ability to negotiate profitably while helping your counterpart feel comfortable and serene can change the future outcomes of many different situations that may occur.


Our guest for today is Chris Voss, who comes from a unique background where he worked as an FBI hostage negotiator. Chris has also written a best selling book and founded a successful firm that solves business communication issues. Due to his negotiator experience, Chris has learned profoundly different negotiation strategies that have the ability to benefit others.


In this conversation, we are going to discuss,

– Strategies that put your counterpart at ease rather than high-pressure tactics

– How negotiation strategies should be modified if you want to maintain a long-term relationship with your counterpart

– Why labeling and mirroring are great for personal and professional negotiations

– How to successfully ask open-ended questions

– Why our guest prefers to have your counterpart say NO instead of YES


Chris Voss truly is a very unique individual who has mastered new strategies in order to work more efficiently with others and achieve the best outcome. His successes continue each day and show just how well his negotiation strategies can and do work.


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