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E401 - Peter Linneman’s Economic Predictions and Indicators - Asym Capital

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E401 – Peter Linneman’s Economic Predictions and Indicators

Economics is the foundation on which the real estate sector stands.

Investors who don’t understand this reality will make incorrect decisions that will either put their capital at risk or cause them to spend too much time on the sidelines.

Neither of these is an option for investors who are focused on protecting and growing their wealth.

Today, we are joined by Dr. Peter Linneman, the author of the Linneman Letter, and the former Professor of Real Estate, Finance, and Public Policy at the Wharton School of Business. He was previously listed as one of the 25 most influential people in commercial real estate by Realtor Magazine.

In this episode, we’re going to discuss…

  • Why Peter was so bullish on multifamily during 2020-2021, and his outlook on the sector for 2022-2025
  • What data points Peter uses to make the case that the health of the consumer is at, or nearing, all-time highs
  • What leading indicators he is keeping an eye on which would suggest a recession is coming, and what that might mean for real estate investors

Dr. Peter Linneman has been referred to me several times by listeners of this program, so I’m sure I don’t have to convince you to tune in to this special episode.

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

1. The Linneman Letter

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