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E41 - What Does It Take To Protect Your Assets - Asym Capital

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E41 – What Does It Take To Protect Your Assets

Maintaining wealth is not as simple as it may appear to some. As the saying goes, “it isn’t what you make, it’s what you keep.” A key element in creating wealth is asset protection. Keeping your assets safe from lawsuits, divorces, and creditors can mean the difference between maintaining your wealth or losing it.


Our guest for today is Brian Chou who is an associate attorney at the firm of Barth Calderon LLP. Mr. Chou focuses on estate planning, business succession planning and most importantly asset protection. Due to his work as an attorney, he knows different strategies that can protect your assets and your wealth.


In this conversation we are going to discuss…

– How insurance and asset protection work together

-Optimal entity selection for asset protection -Revocable trusts vs. irrevocable trusts

-Common law property states

-Does utilizing international trusts actually make sense

-A horror story or two and how our guest resolved them Learning how to protect your assets is vital to securing your wealth.


We go through a significant amount of content in this jam-packed episode and it is all for free despite our guest’s hourly rate being…well more than free I can tell you that. Since it’s free, why not have a listen?


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