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E417 - How to Get in Front of the Silver Wave in Senior Housing - Asym Capital

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E417 – How to Get in Front of the Silver Wave in Senior Housing

By no means is it a surprise that COVID-19 majorly shook up the senior housing market. During the pandemic, occupancy rates in senior housing dropped by almost 10% nationally!

On the flip side, as our baby boomers continue to get older, the number of people who will need senior housing will inevitably rise. In 2021, there were 325,000 new senior housing residents, but economists project this number will increase to 1,000,000 per year by 2027.

However, it’s no easy feat to take advantage of this monumental shift in demand in an operationally intensive industry, but if you tune into today’s episode, you will get all the expert secrets on how to do it!

Today, Beth Mace and I discuss the current headwinds and future outlook of the senior housing industry from an economic point of view. Beth is the Chief Economist and Director of Research and Analytics at the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC). She is passionate about matching capital providers with top-notch operators who provide high-quality senior housing to serve a growing population of Americans.

In this episode, we discuss…

  • Beth’s expectations about how a recession would affect commercial real estate
  • What the “forgotten middle” is and what opportunities will result as a result of this group
  • Why the labor imbalance in the senior housing industry is the biggest headwind
  • An incredible number of powerful statistics that you can use to design an investment thesis in senior housing

If you are a passive investor who develops investment theses based on macroeconomic megatrends or an operator looking for new places to develop profitable operational capacities, you undoubtedly should consider looking into senior housing!

Take Control,
Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

1. The National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC)

2. Their Insider Newsletter

3. Their podcast

4. Her LinkedIn

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