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E42 – Supercharge Your Business With Rocketfuel

Many entrepreneurs face the challenge of wanting to take their business to the next level but are unsure of which avenues to take to do so. Finding a partner, which duties should be outsourced, and how much to spend on those duties are all things that can be seriously difficult to answer and carry out. Knowing how to achieve all of these things can cause a business to grow exponentially.


Luckily, our guest for today is Mark Winters who is a serial entrepreneur, coach, and author. He has more than 25 years experience and has led companies ranging from raw startups to multi-billion dollar global enterprises. As a certified EOS implementer and facilitator, Mark directly engages with and coaches entrepreneurial leadership teams. He is also co-author of Rocket Fuel, which is a book written to help entrepreneurs identify their best role in their business.


In this episode we discuss…

-The visionary/integrator dichotomy and why identifying your natural role before taking on a partner is important

-How our guest weighs scaling quickly versus keeping costs low

-When to get an assistant and a few tactics for your honing assistant management skillset

-Productive tricks, hacks, and apps that can save you time and increase your output

Knowing how to grow your business is extremely important to every entrepreneur that craves success. Learning how to accomplish the tasks listed above will benefit you as an entrepreneur and help your business succeed.

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