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E425 - The Coming Economic Revolution With Mark Moss - Asym Capital

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E425 – The Coming Economic Revolution With Mark Moss

“You can choose to ignore reality… but you can’t ignore the consequences of reality.” – Ayn Rand

As you read this, the world is likely undergoing the largest transfer of wealth that will occur in your lifetime.

In today’s episode, Mark Moss explains that there are 3 distinct global revolution cycles that occur periodically throughout history, and all are converging right now.

If you want to ensure you don’t get left in the dust by this enormous opportunity, then listening to this episode should be a top priority.

Mark Moss is an influential thought leader in the world of finance and investing and has over 340 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel. Mark was an incredibly popular speaker at the Intelligent Investors Real Estate Conference back in January and is coming on the show today to give you a headstart in learning how to position your portfolio in this revolutionary moment in history.

In this episode, we discuss…

  • The implications of the Long-term Debt Cycle, Political Revolution Cycle, and Technology Revolution Cycle, and why all are converging now.
  • Why humanity tends to periodically shift from centralization to decentralization and the numerous examples of when this has happened in history.
  • How technology is further escalating the natural economic forces that have occurred since departing from the gold standard.
  • How to examine the effects of inflation to determine which real assets and commodities to store your wealth in.

If you are an active or passive investor who is always looking for new information to make educated investment decisions and theses, you won’t want to miss Mark’s expert perspective!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

1. Market Disruptors

2. His Website

3. His Podcast “The Mark Moss Show”

4. His YouTube Channel

5. His Radio Show

6. Instagram

7. Twitter

8. LinkedIn

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