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E429 - The New Definition of Core Market - Asym Capital

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E429 – The New Definition of Core Market

For over a century, the big coastal cities have been considered the safest places to invest in real estate, which has kept some investors from migrating down south with the rest of the pack.

However, with work-from-anywhere becoming a permanent trend, people who were once confined to living in major cities for work can move their lives to some of the smaller and warmer cities, or even to secluded tertiary markets.

In addition, the policy risk posed by some of the lawmakers in the formerly core cities has made investing in their cities far less safe, which is why today’s guest considers markets like Atlanta, Dallas, and Denver to be the new core.

Today’s guest, Jay Parsons, is the Head of Economics and Industry Principals at RealPage, Inc., a company that analyzes rental markets and provides investors/operators with powerful data in the form of SaaS. Jay is an expert on macroeconomic trends in the housing markets who provides an incredible amount of valuable data on all his social media accounts and in today’s interview!

In this episode, we discuss…

  • How interest rates and rental growth will change deal underwriting in the near term.
  • Why rent control and the weaponization of environmental controls are huge threats to the viability of real estate investments.
  • The effects of inflation and other megatrends on the risk profiles of various markets.
  • Why Phoenix, Florida, and Las Vegas are subject to the highest volatility.

If you are continuing to look for places to put your capital to work (and I know you are), you are going to want to hear what Jay has to say about the markets you are considering and what he predicts will occur by the end of the year!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

1. His LinkedIn

2. Their Blog

3. His Twitter

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