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E44 - Key Concepts Taught By Institutions, Family Offices and Leading MBA Programs - Asym Capital

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E44 – Key Concepts Taught By Institutions, Family Offices and Leading MBA Programs

There is a vast variety of real estate investment strategies out there and with that comes many ways to understand them. You can focus on real estate at a high level at college, you can work for a large firm with thousands of employees, or you can work at a small firm that is more flexible.


Our guest for today is Sayrge Braccio who has excelled at several different firms of various sizes. He also has extensive experience on both the equity and debt side, which causes him to have a well-rounded perspective on the real estate sector as a whole. It is important to get the perspective of someone who has had first-hand experience implementing various strategies and has seen the benefits and hindrances of each.


In this episode we discuss…

-Some of the key differences of going from one of the largest institutions in the world to a flexible family office

-How to maximize the effectiveness of your networking and build meaningful relationships

-How to build an appropriate capital stack for your specific investment

-What our guest sees as some of the major risks in the market right now

-If our guest was managing a $100mm family office right now, what the big picture investment thesis would be and what the portfolio allocation would be


There are many underlying themes of investing in real estate but the size of the firm, access to capital, access to debt, and risk tolerance profile all can significantly impact the big picture thesis of the firm and the company’s investment objectives. Learning the perspective of someone who has experienced these things first hand can give you the knowledge needed to succeed.


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