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E441 - The Economics of Real Estate in a World of Lockdowns - Asym Capital

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E441 – The Economics of Real Estate in a World of Lockdowns

With inflation, rents, real estate prices at all-time highs, and with interest rates, stocks, and bonds moving all over the place, there is a lot of tension in the investment environment.

However, now is a better time than ever to position yourself to take advantage of the building economic situation.

Today, I’m bringing you the most popular panel from IIREC 2022 with Bob Fraser, Mark Moss, and Jeremy Roll, so that we can reevaluate whose predictions are coming true and what we should be doing with our portfolios!

Bob Fraser is an engineer by trade and in 1995 founded NetSales, Inc., a back-office e-commerce provider for which he raised $44 million in investment capital. In 2012, Bob co-founded Aspen Funds, a fund management company focused on mortgage investments and he is an expert with regard to commercial real estate economics.

Mark Moss is an influential thought leader in the world of finance and investing and has over 340 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is a start-up and growth expert, having grown 6 companies to over 7 figures each, all within their first year. He has a drive for better than market returns but balances that with a solid philosophy of “Capital Preservation” that helps minimize losses.

Jeremy Roll is one of my first mentors in real estate investing and has been passively investing since 2002. He is an expert on vetting operators and analyzing emerging macroeconomic trends. He is an amazing role model for anyone looking to live off the cash flow of their passive investments!

In this episode, these gentlemen discuss…

  • Where we are in the market cycle and what to expect in the coming months.
  • What the difference is between asset-price inflation and CPI, and why inflation may last.
  • Why do some people expect stagflation this year and how this would affect us.
  • How political pressures influence the investing environment.

If you want to hear what some extremely successful investors are thinking about the current market situation, you should definitely check out this very exciting debate!

Take Control,
Hunter Thompson

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