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E444 - TT - Regulatory Changes That Will Affect Real Estate Investors - Asym Capital

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E444 – TT – Regulatory Changes That Will Affect Real Estate Investors

Is talking about doing deals, raising capital, exciting new markets and passive investing more exciting than talking about laws and regulations?


But, one easy way to lose money is to be oblivious to forthcoming changes in the real estate regulatory environment.

To help us see into the future regarding the possible changes in the regulatory landscape, an all-star panel, moderated by Melanie McDaniel, was assembled at the Intelligent Investors Real Estate Conference from this past January.

Kaaren Hall is the CEO of uDirect IRA Services, where she has helped thousands of Americans invest their IRA outside of the stock market into real estate, land, private notes & more to improve their financial future.

James Bohan is the founder of Stonehan Accountancy, where he provides accounting and tax solutions to real estate syndicators, funds & small businesses.

Peter Fischer is a partner with Sklar Kirsh LLP and a member of the Firmʼs Real Estate and Corporate Departments. He is an experienced commercial real estate transactional attorney, whose clients include developers, operators, syndicators, private equity providers, restaurateurs, investors and lenders.

In this episode, these panelists discuss…

  • How recently proposed legislation could have had devastating impacts on investing through self- directed retirement accounts, and how we can guard against such legislation in the future
  • Potential tax changes to monitor closely that could impact real estate investors
  • The current status of potential legislation pertaining to raising capital

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