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E445 - How This Book Redefines The Meaning of “Asset” - Asym Capital

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E445 – How This Book Redefines The Meaning of “Asset”

If you spend any amount of your time learning how to build wealth and achieve financial freedom, you’ve probably read numerous books.

Many of the books we read are non-fiction and jam-packed with excellent content, but when you look back, the books that really stick with us are the ones that have a story.

Today’s guest, Rich Fettke, the author of Extreme Success and the audio program Momentum, realized this, which led him to write his latest very popular book, The Wise Investor.

In this empowering book, Rich turns the lessons he has learned about creating wealth through cash flowing investments into an inspirational story about a hard-working professional who doesn’t have any time to do what he loves.

Throughout the story, the protagonist discovers that an asset is anything that brings you happiness, health, money, or time.

Rich Fettke is also a Co-Founder of RealWealth® and has a passion for helping people improve their businesses, grow their wealth, and live more fulfilling lives. Since 2003, the company has helped over 60,000 members improve their financial intelligence and acquire cash-flowing income properties — so they can live life on their own terms. As a licensed real estate broker and an active investor, Rich was selected as a Rich Dad Author for his expertise as a Wealth Mindset Expert.

In this episode, we discuss…

  • How a battle with cancer led Rich to discover this new definition of “Asset”
  • Why the StoryBrand framework is a powerful tool for conveying a company’s message
  • How Rich stays present even when he is overwhelmed with demands on his time
  • How Rich met Robert Kiyosaki, and why Robert wrote the forward for Rich’s book!

If you are pursuing financial freedom and constantly learning how to find balance in your life, tune in to hear Rich’s incredibly motivating story and take in some of his golden nuggets!

Take Control,
Hunter Thompson

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