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E45 - How Eddie Lorin Raised His Capital for Affordable Housing Through Reg A+ - Asym Capital

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E45 – How Eddie Lorin Raised His Capital for Affordable Housing Through Reg A+

Since the jobs act of 2012, there have been many changes to securities laws. One of these changes has resulted in companies being able to raise capital through non accredited investors without going through the entire IPO process. The rule is called Reg A+ and although it is relatively new to the real estate sector many companies are utilizing it.


Our guest for today is Eddie Lorin who has successfully purchased and transformed more than three billion worth of multifamily real estate. He is also the co-founder of a non-profit, HAPI Foundation, that brings sustainable and educational health, nutrition, and fitness programs to those living in multifamily apartments. His knowledge and experience about the real estate sector and the Reg A+ rule is superior and extremely informative.


In this episode we discuss…

-What the whole Reg A+ process has been like

-The costs associated with the Reg A+ process

-The time associated with the Reg A+ process

-The key takeaways that our guest has learned by going through the Reg A+ process

-What our guest anticipates for the future

-The multifamily sector as a whole


Staying up to date on the new rules and regulations can help bring in capital from new places that may not have been possible before. Learning about these rules in depth will create a better understanding of how to utilize them and become successful in obtaining capital from new sources.


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