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E46 - How Mathew Owens Supercharges His Self-Directed Retirement With 68% Annual Returns - Asym Capital

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E46 – How Mathew Owens Supercharges His Self-Directed Retirement With 68% Annual Returns

Today we are going to talk about supercharging self-directed retirement accounts, which is one of our favorite CFC podcast episodes. As many of you know, I am huge proponent of self-directed retirement accounts, which are essentially retirement accounts which allow you to invest in anything, including private equity real estate while maintaining the tax advantaged status. Even though they have been legal since 1974, they are the most under-utilized financial tool in the US. In fact, if you get started early enough, they have the capacity to completely change your financial outlook on retirement.

Today, our guest is an experienced real estate investor who has a background as an accountant. More importantly, he thoroughly understands these tax-advantaged accounts and is happy to share some of these secrets he has learned throughout his career. Mathew Owens is the CEO of OCG Properties which has an impressive track record. They buy 5+ properties per month and have raised over $45 million in private investors capital.

Today, we are going to discuss…

-How you can get around some of the income limits when it comes to IRA contributions

-How you can use real estate notes, leverage, and effective deal structuring to literally 4.5x your annual return

-What our guest thinks of Traditional IRAs vs. Roth IRAs, Solo Ks vs. SEP IRAs, and when each plan would be most beneficial I have personally paid thousands of dollars going to seminars to learn about this topic, but now it is available for you for free because that’s what we are all about here on the CFC podcast.


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