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E461 - Sourcing Multifamily Deals in this Low Cap Rate Environment - Asym Capital

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E461 – Sourcing Multifamily Deals in this Low Cap Rate Environment

I’ll share every strategy I know for sourcing off-market deals, but first, I want to tell you something…

At the end of the day, the buyer willing to pay the highest price typically will win the deal.

The key to closing more deals in this current interest rate environment is not to spend countless hours on the phones with brokers, but rather to be more creative in your underwriting.

If you want to start winning more deals, my best piece of advice would be to look beyond the typical ways of adding value to a property and start figuring out how to boost revenue, cut expenses, and improve the tenant’s experience, in new ways.

Look no further than today’s episode for a few revolutionary ways to do this!

Scott Pickett is the President of Multifamily at Post Investment Group which has acquired 40,000 units since being formed in 2007. Scott shows us how his vertically-integrated firm has consistently produced deal flow from the bottom to the top of the market.

Andrew Westling is the Director of Capital Markets of Walker & Dunlop in LA, which is the largest provider of capital to the US multifamily market and the third-largest multifamily investment sales firm. Andrew has extensive experience in the debt markets and provides much-needed clarity on the state of the lending environment.

Matthew Owens is the owner of OCG Properties and earned his CPA license while performing audit and taxation engagements on large real estate firms. He has raised over $75M in private investor capital and flipped over 1000+ single-family homes and value-add multifamily assets.

In this episode, we discuss…

  • How do lenders underwrite your deals and why they don’t always accept your proforma
  • What are the pros and cons of fixed-rate vs. floating-rate debt
  • Why you don’t need to LITC or Section-8 to get the advantages of being affordable
  • What technologies are these multifamily pros implementing to gain massive savings

Even when you get a 3-week advanced heads-up from a broker on an “off-market” deal, you are still competing with other buyers, so tune in to today’s episode, to learn how to win more deals without submitting a ton more LOIs!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

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