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E485 - Creating Your Capital Raising Yellow Brick Road - Asym Capital

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E485 – Creating Your Capital Raising Yellow Brick Road

Some of us see the emerald city right over the horizon, and some of us have just made it to the beginning of our yellow brick road. However, none of us have gotten to where we are in precisely the same way.

While today’s guests did not get dropped here by a giant tornado, all three of them have a uniquely fascinating story that started them on the path of financial freedom with many gold nuggets of wisdom scattered along the way!

Dovid Preil started his financial career back in 2008 when he realized that the global economic collapse was an excellent time to start investing. Troubled by the lack of options available to smaller investors, Dovid founded YDLP investments in 2016 to help smaller investors realize the cash flow and upside of high-quality commercial real estate investments.

Ellis Hammond is the host of his brand new podcast show, The Future of Real Estate, where he interviews the leading experts in different niches of new real estate technologies. He is the Co-Founder of Symphony Capital Group and was named “2020 ThinkRealty Multifamily Investor of the Year!”

Jennifer Falloon is the founding and managing partner of Vorsa Investments (in partnership with Kahuna Investments) with an aptitude for investing in multi-family apartments, providing her clients with significant passive income and generational wealth creation. She was the Regional Manager with Tax Free Future and now she is helping her investors achieve financial freedom by reducing their dependence on conventional income and investments.

In this episode, we discuss…

  • How each of our guests found their way to investing in large multifamily deals
  • Some of the words and approaches they use to connect with their target audiences
  • Advice for raising capital regardless of the market conditions
  • What they are doing to take their businesses to the next level

All three of these leaders started their journeys in different geographies, with different backgrounds, and at different times in their lives, but all of the lessons they have learned along the way will set you on the right road!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

1. Raising Capital for Real Estate

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