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E489 - What Can We Learn From the Inflation of the 1970s? - Asym Capital

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E489 – What Can We Learn From the Inflation of the 1970s?

We all want to know the answer to this one question:

Is our buddy, Jerome, over at The Fed going to stop raising rates anytime soon?

Obviously, this is a difficult question because it depends on many different things.

  • Is inflation transitory?
  • Can the US balance sheet handle it?
  • How would the executive branch react?

Although he doesn’t have a crystal ball, today’s guest has extensive knowledge and first-hand experience of the last time our country experienced unprecedented inflation. 

Today, Austrian Economist and beloved repeat guest on the show, Gene Epstein, pulls back the curtain and unveils the possible scenarios we could face during this recession.

Today, we cover…

  • How The Fed of the 1970s faced the inflation problem
  • Why inflation is not transitory
  • What caused us to get in the mess in the first place
  • How big the government debt may get

As real estate investors, understanding what influences the Fed’s decisions may be the difference between endless riches or bankruptcy, so this episode is not one to skip!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

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