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E49 - How To Create Your Morning Routine, Balance Work and Life, and Reverse Engineer Your Goals - Asym Capital

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E49 – How To Create Your Morning Routine, Balance Work and Life, and Reverse Engineer Your Goals

Balancing work and life can be complicated and you may not know where to start. Having a routine that works for you is step one and is important because it reduces stress while creating good habits. Today we will talk about how to create your morning routine, balance work and life, and reverse engineer your goals. In doing so, you will construct healthy habits that will contribute to your success.

Today our guest is Cameron Herold who is a successful business coach and the author of four books including Miracle Morning For Entrepreneurs, Meetings Suck, Double-Double and Vivid Vision. Cameron has not only coached others but has actually built $100 million companies as well. He was the COO of You Got Junk from the time it was in its infancy through its rapid growth into a massive industry leader. Part of his coaching strategy is focusing on helping business owners create a path to the shortest, simplest plan for exponential growth.

Today, we are going to discuss…

-How to start your day off right by completing all of the S.A.V.E.R.S. before you start doing work-related tasks

-How to create a Vivid Vision of your future and then reverse engineer that future into quarterly or weekly goals

-Why developing and codifying your Core Values is so critical for decision making and hiring employees

-How to grow your business at exponential rates by accomplishing 1-3 important tasks each day

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