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E493 - What Will the Second Half of 2022 Mean for Real Estate? - Asym Capital

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E493 – What Will the Second Half of 2022 Mean for Real Estate?

We’ve had two consecutive quarters of declining GDP, which technically mean we are in a recession…

However, we aren’t hearing too much about it in the media, and apparently, The White House doesn’t think we are in one…

Despite all the confusion and question marks, I don’t really care what we call it… what we want to know is WHAT ALL THIS MEANS FOR REAL ESTATE!

So, today I’m bringing my friend Nikolas Scoolis onto the show to cut through the fog and tell us what is really going on…

Nikolas is a housing economics researcher at Zonda, where he spends every day parsing through the economic indicators that have the biggest impact on the real estate market.

Today, he gives us a nuanced picture of the state of the current market so we can make decisions in the short term that set us up for success in the long term.

In times like these, information is one of the strongest advantages you can have in order to stay competitive, so make sure you don’t miss today’s episode!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

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