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E497 - Interest Rate & Market Update From a $1.5BN Lender - Asym Capital

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E497 – Interest Rate & Market Update From a $1.5BN Lender

In a recession, a lot of people lose a little bit of money…

And a few people make A LOT of money!

If you can accurately predict where interest rates will be in the future, I think we all know which group you’ll be a part of.

But that’s no easy task!

To develop a sound market thesis, you MUST be keenly aware of the metrics discussed in today’s episode…

Andrew Westling is a Director at Walker & Dunlop and has been responsible for closing over $1.5B in real estate debt and equity over the last year!

He’s tapped into the market every day and has come on the show to reveal his inside perspective.

We discuss:

  • A new loan type you may be able to use on your next acquisition
  • Which markets will succeed and fail in the coming years
  • Why there are good signs that multifamily cap rates will continue to compress

If you want to be one of the few that are going to WIN BIG in a recession, you HAVE TO know what’s going on at that CUTTING EDGE, so make sure to listen to today’s episode!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

1. Andrew Westling:



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