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E501 - Will This Be the Weakest Recession on Record? - Asym Capital

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E501 – Will This Be the Weakest Recession on Record?

Congratulations!!! We all have $4 Trillion dollars in our bank accounts!

Obviously, not each of us, but the total value of personal savings is around $4T, and there is another $1T on the books of U.S. banks.

But here’s the question:

Where will all this money go?

Dr. Peter Linneman, Wharton Economist and long-time guest on the show, is very bullish.

Here’s his analogy:

If we have 4 tubs of Häagen-Dazs in the freezer, we are probably not just going to let them sit there for 4 months.

Over the last few months, there has been a lot of uncertainty and volatility at The Fed.

This has made Banks and Private Equity skittish.

At the moment, FEAR has an edge over GREED…

However, the story at The Fed is becoming more clear, and Dr. Linneman expects institutional and retail investors to start putting all their money to work again.

If you want our expert economist’s full perspective, tune in to today’s episode!

So now the question is, how about some ice cream? 

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

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