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E509 - CFC - What the Dollar Crises Means for Real Estate Investors - Asym Capital

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E509 – CFC – What the Dollar Crises Means for Real Estate Investors

Are we between a financial crisis and a currency crisis?

Is the dollar as strong as you think?

In the history of currencies, no currency has ever survived a 97% decline in value.

Precious metals are like a canary in a coal mine for paying attention to what’s going on with currency.

Today, we’re taking a deep dive into how the lens of the current economic landscape is impacting our decision making when investing.

We might be hinging on the balance between INFLATION & STAGFLATION

So we must position ourselves to benefit from the probabilities and mitigate some of the risks that are likely to happen as a result of current economic conditions.

What is the next step for real estate investors?

Can you make inflation pay off your debt? Debt is the greatest asset and you can use it to purchase real assets that appreciate in dollar terms.

Don’t try to get out of debt, the only way to outpace inflation is to benefit from inflation by using debt.

Be sure to take this opportunity to learn all about where you WANT and NEED to be in an inflationary environment in this episode with Russell Gray!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

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