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E51 - Speculating vs Investing - Asym Capital

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E51 – Speculating vs Investing

Investing can be both scary and exciting. Investment opportunities each come with their own risk level and can be successful or a flop. Going for a risky investment may not always be the best choice and may not pay out how you would like. Today we will talk about speculating versus investing and how different investments can have drastically different results.


Today our guest is Paul Moore who has an extensive background in business and entrepreneurship and has invested in a variety of different investment vehicles. Over the years he has invested in different risk profiles, from highly speculative to fairly stabilized. His knowledge of different investment routes is vast and can help you decide which way to go.


Today, we are going to discuss…

-One of Paul Moore’s most speculative investments

-A ground-up development of a hotel in a highly volatile market -Some more favorable risk-adjusted investments

-Some of the major commercial real estate asset classes and what Paul Moore thinks of each one


Choosing where to invest can be the most stress-inducing part of the whole investment process. Learning which path to take relies on your own choices and how the risks may affect you. Pick an investment vehicle that works best for you and enjoy the journey.

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