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E511 - MM - The Other 80/20 - Asym Capital

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E511 – MM – The Other 80/20

If you are an entrepreneur, you obviously know about the Pareto Principle…

20% of your EFFORT probably yields 80% of your RESULTS


20% of your CLIENTS probably are responsible for 80% of your REVENUE


Today, I want to tell you about a DIFFERENT 80:20 RULE that gets way less attention…

Unfortunately, sometimes in partnerships, one partner does 80% of the work,

While the other only contribute 20%.

Obviously, this might not be the best situation…

BUT DO NOT WORRY, because in today’s Monday Minutes,

I reveal the guidelines I use before starting a new partnership or initiative in my business!

Break-ups in this business can be nasty…

So make sure to tune in to this episode before starting a JV, partnership, or new venture!!!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

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