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E521 - CFC - Should Passive Investors Invest In Preferred Equity in 2022? - Asym Capital

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E521 – CFC – Should Passive Investors Invest In Preferred Equity in 2022?

If you or anyone you know has been sitting on the sidelines, YOU WILL WANT TO READ THIS.

We are obviously in a very volatile time given the uncertainty with interest rates and inflation but…

What we DO KNOW is that INFLATION IS EATING YOUR MONEY if it is sitting in the bank.

But what if there was a structure that could keep you in the markets while reducing a significant portion of investment risk…

In today’s episode, long-time guest of the show, Steven Pesavento, and I discuss:


Preferred equity is in between common equity and debt, which means…

Pref equity holders get seniority over common equity but still get many of the same benefits!

Preferred shareholders take on far less risk because they are the first to get paid back after debt,

But… they still have the privilege of earning a return that beats inflation!!!

There are countless variations within this structure, so make sure to dive into this episode if you are looking for safer ways to stay in the market!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

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