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E523 - MM - Why You Should Raise Your Minimum to $50,000 (or More) - Asym Capital

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E523 – MM – Why You Should Raise Your Minimum to $50,000 (or More)

THIS is the most PAINFUL myth that first-time capital raisers fall for…

We should only focus on the people who already Know, Like, and Trust us.

  1. WRONG.

When you are first starting out,

even the people who trust you with their kids, won’t trust you with their money!

The reason this myth is so dangerous is because…

Most of the people we know are NOT Accredited Investors yet,

And therefore, we will be inclined to start out with Low Investment Minimums.

However, if your investors are not willing or able to invest at least $50,000…

They are not the right fit for PASSIVE ILLIQUID INVESTMENTS.

Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned in this industry…

And trust me, you DO NOT want investors who can’t withstand hiccups along the way.

In today’s Monday Minutes, I give you the tools to figure out how to set the minimum

that is right for you!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

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