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E529 – CFC – Going Vertical – Economic Data Points Developers Are Watching

We have been caught in an updraught of optimism over the last 10 years.

But now, as the tables turn…

We need to remember the most important rule of investing:

Return OF Investment > Return ON Investment

Liquidity is drying up, which means…

It is MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER to have a Plan for Preserving Investor Capital.

Luckily, seasoned developer, Victor Menasce, gives us the playbook for how to do it!

With inflation as high as it is,

Real INTEREST RATES on Debt are still NEGATIVE…

Therefore, a serviceable amount of debt is still a LICENSE TO PRINT CASH!

However, Long-term debt is the key because…

If you don’t have an exit plan, you are sending your money to jail.

But if you’re exit is far enough away, inflation will bring your LTV toward ZERO!

However, location still beats everything, so tune in to hear where Victor is still finding deals!!!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

1. Victor Menasce



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