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E535 - MM - How to Make $80,000 Per Year In Real Estate - Asym Capital

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E535 – MM – How to Make $80,000 Per Year In Real Estate

Most of us didn’t come out of college with the skills we need for this industry…

I studied Politics and Economics, and no real estate company would even consider hiring me!

However, the internet is a much better source of information than a university, regardless.

In this episode, I discuss the top 3 skills you should build using free and paid resources on the internet…

When I am considering who to hire, I want to answer the following:

  1. Does the candidate know the top players and thought leaders in the industry?
  2. Is the candidate willing to invest in their education on the topic?
  3. Has the candidate joined communities that focus on the topic?

These three questions show me that a person is willing, able, and motivated to do what it takes to excel in the skills for which they are hired.

And better yet, if the candidate knows my systems or has joined my communities, I know that our values are aligned!

Tune in to today’s Monday Minutes to learn about the TOP skills needed in real estate!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson 

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