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E54 - Should You Be Lending Money To Real Estate Flippers In Today's Economy - Asym Capital

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E54 – Should You Be Lending Money To Real Estate Flippers In Today’s Economy

One investment vehicle that is not often thought of but good to utilize is debt. Hard money loans are a great way to invest in debt since they provide the ability to get reliable, passive income while protecting the investor from equity risk. If done correctly, it can be very successful. Sometimes mistakes are made though, and investors will really suffer the consequences. Today we are going to talk about whether you should be lending money to real estate flippers in today’s economy or not.

Today our guest is Brad Laddusaw who is a CPA who graduated from California State University, Fullerton, with a double major in accounting and finance. He began his career in the audit practice of Ernst & Young where he serviced clients in the real estate, home building, and retail consumer product industries. In July 2017, he started S&L Capital Group with his business partner Corey Siegel, which is a Southern California based private lending firm.

Today we are going to discuss…

  • What deals our guest has seen lately
  • Laws that hard money lenders need to be aware of
  • Why reporting is a big part of compliance
  • Due diligence steps that hard money lenders need to be taking

The world is full of investment opportunities that can be incredibly successful or a total flop. Continue to learn about new investment vehicles and put your money where you feel you will benefit most.

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