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E551 – MM – These Three Skills Will 10x Your Productivity

Capital Raiser,

The amount of hours you work in a given week is NOT always directly proportionate to what you’ll make financially.

Let me explain…

Warren Buffet makes a lot more money than me and works a lot less than I do.

Another example is…

There are people that work manual labor jobs that rake in a lot more hours than I do but make less me.

I’ve noticed that 52-55 hours per week is my sweet spot in terms of hours worked because it allows me to remain focused and still operate within my capacity.

But that’s just me!

The interesting thing is that this allowed me to uncover the real contributor that moves the needle forward in terms of hours worked…care to know what it is?

I’ve found that the x factor is not how many hours you’re willing to work…It’s what you get DONE within those hours!

So here are the 3 skills you can use to maximize your PRODUCTIVITY within your hours worked

  1. Develop New Skills

If your goal is to make more money and be more successful, you need to focus your efforts on developing skills that will give you a  bigger bang for your buck on a per-hour basis.

For example…

If you can develop the skill to inspire other people and encourage them to accomplish things they themselves couldn’t imagine accomplishing…

Then you can use that skill to decouple yourself from time and infinitely scale what you can accomplish within a small number of hours worked.

More on this in todays Monday Minutes episode!

  1. Develop Eyes For Profit vs. Losses

If you can develop the skill of being able to identify what can bring about asymmetric returns in your business, that will help you FAR more than working harder.

What I mean by that is if you have a very clear lens from which to view new opportunities that are worth your time and resources…It’ll drastically improve your income.

  1. Say “No” To Everything

“The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.”

– Warren Buffet

The skill is a combination of focus and saying “no”. For example…I say “no” to a lot of speaking requests, partnerships, and business opportunities…a lot of which I would like to do. But I know saying “no” is likely the most lucrative word in the world.

This is just the tip of the iceberg…and I can’t get into all the nuances here…

But today in my Monday Minutes episode, I’ll be deep diving this topic of

How To Maximize Your Hours Worked With These 3 Skills   


If you’d like to hear more about these topics I outlined and how I’ve used them to scale my capital raises…

Then you’ll want to attend today’s Monday Minutes episode where I’ll be breaking down exactly what I mean and how you can do this too.

Click the link below to join this FREE live training at 11 am Pacific Time.

I’m going to go into a lot more detail.

See you at 11:00 am Pacific Time today!

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