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E559 - MM - The $500MM Meltdown You've Never Heard Of - Asym Capital

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E559 – MM – The $500MM Meltdown You’ve Never Heard Of

In today’s episode, I reveal a never before heard story of epic scale…

My grandfather was a titan of his industry in the 80s, but that all changed.

He had a very compelling investment thesis, and he went all in…

Leveraged to the moon, he risked it all, and eventually, his thesis did come true.

But it was too late…

You got to tune in to hear the full story, but the moral of the story is:

Even if you are a market leader, in the long run, diversification will win.

This is why I started Asym Capital.

So other families don’t have to experience the hardship of bankruptcy that mine felt.

Compound interest is a powerful force…

You don’t need to swing for the fences, to create generational wealth in the long-run.

Tune in to today’s Monday Minutes to hear a powerful story that will stick with you throughout your journey, so you won’t have to experience the same nightmare!

Take Control,

Hunter Thompson

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