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E56 - Two Major Announcements, FreedomFest, and "The Housing Bubble" - Asym Capital

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E56 – Two Major Announcements, FreedomFest, and “The Housing Bubble”

Today’s episode is going to be a bit unique, due to the fact I am going to be the host and the guest. There are two major announcements that I want to discuss in this episode that I find important. One of which is a review of Freedom Fest and the experience I had while there. The other is a review of “The Housing Bubble” which is a newly released documentary available on Amazon.

Although this strays from the conventional episode, it is definitely one you don’t want to miss. I won’t ruin the surprise, which means you will have to find out for yourself!

Today’s highlights…

  • My girlfriend and I got engaged!
  • We have partnered with our long time friends at FIBI to create a 2-day educational and networking event in Los Angeles in November. Details will be sent out to all CFC subscribers on Monday, August 27th.
  • How Freedom Fest was a unique weekend filled with quality speakers as well as networking opportunities.
  • Why, a decade after the Great Recession, are there still arguments about how the free market caused the financial crisis, despite the multi-trillion dollar directive from the federal government.